Walmart, Kroger & Costco Haul

June 13, 2018Laura

Here is a three in one grocery haul post from three of my staple stores: Walmart, Kroger & Costco. There are some items included in these which are new to me that I was excited to find and try!


Let’s start with Walmart. It was my favorite haul of the three. I am impressed with their selection now, I always find new things when I go there. It’s also budget friendly, which is a huge plus. Here are the highlights from Walmart:

I was super excited to find the new Quest tortilla chips. Some people may disagree, but I think they taste like Doritos. The Nacho Cheese flavor is good, but I prefer the Ranch ones. These contain 4 net carbs per bag and are with the protein bars and shakes near the pharmacy section.

This was my first time finding the G Hughes sugar free ketchup. I haven’t tried it yet, but if it’s anything like their BBQ sauce, it will be great!

The cheese whisp are beside the deli on top of the cheese case at Walmart. They always have all three flavors, but the Asiago Pepper Jack is my favorite. These contain 1 carb per serving.

Walmart now carries the Real Good Food products, but I found these enchiladas at GNC. They are pretty small, but very filling. I love them! They were out of the beef flavor so I picked up the cheese and pork. The cheese one contains 3 net carbs and the pork one contains 2 net carbs.

The Southern Recipes Small Batch pork rinds are amazing! These were found at my local Harris Teeter. I have also bought them from World Market before. They have a nice kick to them, so if you love spicy, you’ll enjoy these!

I love the Pizootz peanuts. My favorite flavor is the Baja Taco ones. This Habanero flavor was good, but super spicy (just like the bag said). The ingredients are really clean and they donate a portion of all sales to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, which is awesome! This flavor contains 3 net carbs.


I went to Costco for some house hold items, but can never stick to my list when I shop there. I love that store! These are all favorites of mine!


This was a basic haul for me. I had a lot of stuff on hand for the recipes I had planned that week. So this is mostly just staple items for me: Butter, cream cheese, avocados, sour cream, bacon, meats and some veggies.
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