Harris Teeter & Trader Joe’s Haul

June 30, 2018Laura
This week’s grocery haul is very basic, but I wanted to share it because it does include some of my favorite staple items.

Everything picture is from Harris Teeter (owned by Kroger) with the exception of the Quest bars. Those are from Target.

The Quest Bars are from Target. They contain 4 net carbs and are super tasty!

My favorite sausage is the Great Value brand from Walmart, but this Jones brand is a close second. They are fully cooked and have really clean ingredients. 3 sausage links contain 1 carb.

My absolute favorite cheese sauce! It contains 2 carbs per 2 Tbsp and the ingredients are clean. I also find this at Walmart in the deli/produce section. At Harris Teeter is was with the sour cream. This is a taco night staple!

These are a new buy and something I wouldn’t normally buy since I make my own snack plates. I thought they would be great for a quick snack though. They contain 2 net carbs per pack.

I love the Rao’s brand of sauces. This week I picked up both the marinara and the pizza sauce. The marinara contains 4 carbs per 1/2 cup and the pizza sauce contains 2 carbs per 1/4 cup. They are pricy, but worth it. I usually stock up when I find them on sale.

My favorite buffalo wing sauce!

My dinners planned for this week include:

1. Low Carb Sweet and Sour Chicken (A new recipe I’m testing out).

2. Cheese Shell Tacos

3. Low Carb Chicken Parmesan. (You can find my recipe under the dinner section).

4. Low Carb Parmesan Chicken & Garlic Cauli Rice Skillet. (Recipe under the dinner section).

5. Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Nachos

6. Bunless Burgers

Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite stores. I posted this on my Instagram feed on Thursday and thought I would include it here as well. So many great buys this trip!

The Chile Lime burgers contain 1 net carb per burger.

Halloumi is a frying cheese. It’s delicious. I think it’s seasonal at Trader Joe’s, but is located with the other cheeses.

The Crispbread contains 3 net carbs per cracker. At my store, it’s on one of the shelves on the freezer aisle.

I use the Chile Lime seasoning primarily on chicken. It’s also good on avocados.

The pickles were a new buy. I tried them yesterday and they are really good! I’ll definitely purchase them again.

I got the olives, Chomps beef sticks and the salami & cheese packs for snacks. The lemons are for water. I don’t know what it is about their pepperoni, but it’s the best I’ve ever had! I use the frozen peppers & onions for fajitas. It saves a lot of chopping!

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