Harris Teeter, GNC & Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul

August 5, 2018Laura

This weeks grocery haul is from Harris Teeter (Kroger) and GNC. I am already stocked up on eggs as well as cheeses and didn’t have to buy a lot of meat, since I have a nice stockpile in the freezer. I did purchase a couple of new items and will definitely highlight those below along with my total and meals planned for the week. I also went to Trader Joe’s earlier in the week and posted that haul as well. I posted it on my Instagram page, but I wanted to include it for anyone who missed it.

  • Bubbly sparkling water (0 calories, 0 carbs)
  • Buffalo sauce, salsa, bone broth, Kerrygold butter, tuna pouches
  • Avocados, green onions, jalapenos, green peppers, asparagus, cucumber, lettuce, cauliflower rice
  • Ground beef, chicken breast, ground chicken, bacon, Jimmy Dean simple scrambles
  • Elli Quark, Enlightened ice cream bars
  • Quest protein tortilla chips, Real Good enchiladas (From GNC)

My grand total was: $93.69.

I’ve seen a lot of people post about this bacon and figured I would splurge and buy it. I always like finding no sugar/no nitrate added bacon. I’ll be sure to post about how I like it and if it was worth the price when I try it.

This was my first time finding the Birthday Cake Enlightened bars! I’ve tried the salted caramel ones before and really liked them and was excited to find this flavor. I love these Birthday Cake ones! They have sprinkles and a nice flavor to them! Each bar contains 5 net carbs.

Last week I found the Elli Quark at Target. Harris Teeter now carries it! I was excited to find the strawberry flavor. I’ve enjoyed every flavor I have tried so far- strawberry, lemon, coconut, apple pie and salted caramel. The two flavors pictured each contain 6 net carbs. Elli Quark’s website has a store locator if you want to see if they are sold near you.

These tuna pouches are a pantry staple! I love them straight out of the pouch or mixed with a little mayo and a hard boiled egg. The jalapeno is my favorite and contains 2 net carbs. The buffalo is good too, but pretty spicy and is 0 carb per pouch.

My absolute favorite buffalo sauce! I have found it at Walmart and Target as well.

I love these Simple Scrambles! This one contains 2 total carbs. They also come in bacon and sausage as well.

The Quest tortilla chips are from GNC. I love these! They are a great substitute for Doritos! Both flavors contain 4 net carbs per bag. I’ve also found them at Walmart, The Vitamin Shoppe and on Amazon.

I was so glad to finally be able to get the Real Good beef enchiladas again. Several stores carry them, but beef was unavailable in my area. They have a store locator on their website if you’re interested in finding them near you. I also purchased a box of six off of Amazon when they went on sale last week. My local GNC usually keeps them in stock as well. The beef ones contain 2 net carbs and are my favorite!

I also received some awesome keto mail this week and wanted to share. The awesome folks over at Bunker Hill Cheese sent me all of this cheese to try out! I’m so excited to incorporate them into my recipes and snack plates! I’ve already tried the jalapeno pepper one and it was delicious! They also have a great line of keto friendly cheese crisp that I love as well.

Items from Trader Joe’s:

  • Lemons, frozen peppers/onions, minced garlic, frozen cauliflower rice
  • Snacks: salami/cheese packs, salami sticks, Chomps beef sticks, pepperoni, olive packs, macadamia nuts
  • Chile lime seasoning, green chiles
  • Mozzarella cheese, halloumi cheese (frying cheese)
  • Crispbread (3 net carbs)
  • Bacon cheddar ranch dip (2 carbs per serving)
  • Dill pickle chips (less than 1 carb per serving)
  • Chile lime chicken burgers (1 net carb per burger)
  • Chicken stock, green chiles


My dinners planned for this week include:

1. Taco bowls

2. Low Carb Quesadilla

3. Chicken Fried Cauliflower Rice (Recipe can be found under the dinner section).

4. Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas (Recipe can be found under the dinner section).

5. Bunless Burgers
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