Easy Keto Breakfast Ideas

November 30, 2018Laura

Breakfast foods are one of the things I enjoy most about keto. I never get tired of bacon and eggs! I do like to switch it up from time to time, without making things complicated. I’m all about keeping things simple, especially for breakfast. This post contains tons of easy breakfast ideas. I had a couple of people email me asking for meal suggestion post like this, so hopefully you will get a few ideas to add to your breakfast rotation.

I also have a couple of keto snack plate post that you can find here if you’re looking for lunch or snack ideas. Also check out my grocery hauls here for some of the brands I use.

Classic Breakfast Ideas:

Smoked sausage, 2 hard boiled eggs topped with Everything but the bagel seasoning, berries and unexpected cheddar cheese from Trader Joes.

Sausage patties with two hard boiled eggs. I always top my eggs with Everything but the bagel seasoning. I use the seasoning from Trader Joes, Daks or Walmart recently started carrying their own brand as well.

Smoked sausage from Trader Joes, cheesy scrambled eggs and raspberries.

Jones Farm chicken sausages from Costco, 2 hardboiled eggs and strawberries.

Bacon with two cheesy scrambled eggs & a sausage patty.

Sausage patties with two cheesy scrambled eggs. I use the Great Value brand frozen sausage patties from Walmart.

My favorite breakfast: Bacon, two scrambled eggs and avocado slices.

Smoked sausage and hard boiled eggs seasoned with Daks Everything-but-tha-salt seasoning.

Sausage, hard boiled eggs and raspberries.

Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas:

Low Carb Breakfast Casserole, bacon and avocado slices.

Low Carb Breakfast Casserole. You can find the recipe for it here. I always make mine with sausage and cheese, but it’s super easy to customize to your liking.

Keto Blueberry Lemon Muffins. These are super delicious and are only 2.6 net carbs per muffin! Check out my easy recipe here.

I LOVE these keto bagels! They make the best breakfast sandwich. I use the recipe from Peace, Love and Low Carb and they come out perfect every time!

These egg cups are one of my favorite things to keep on hand for a quick breakfast! You can find the recipe here on my blog.

Convenience Breakfast Ideas:

  • Ketologie Keto Shake. I love having these shakes for breakfast. The folks over at Ketologie sent me these to try a couple of months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! The shakes are very creamy and have a nice vanilla flavor. It is salty, but there’s something about the saltiness and vanilla combination that makes it so tasty. I’m not a fan of protein shakes in general, so I was pleasantly surprised! I mix two scoops with some unsweetened almond milk and it comes out to 2 net carbs for one shake. The shakes are available on their website or on Amazon. I’m not getting paid to promote this product and definitely prefer real foods, but this is a good convenience option.
  • Elli Quark is very much like yogurt and is sweetened with stevia and erythritol. These flavors each contain 80 calories, 0g fat, 14g of protein and 6 net carbs. Yogurt is something that I miss on keto, so I usually have one of these a week. Here’s a link to their store locator if you want to see if they are sold near you.
  • Yoplait YQ yogurts: These are a good yogurt option as well. They have plain and flavored ones, but I always stick to the plain since the flavored ones are higher in carbs. I usually add stevia to it and top with with low carb granola. I also like adding in a few drops of water enhancer to give it a nice flavor. I buy them at Kroger and Target in my area.
  • Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles: I usually buy one a week for when I need a quick breakfast, or even lunch. This meat lovers one is 2 net carbs. They’re really tasty, especially for a quick meal!

The Two Good yogurt is my new favorite yogurt! It comes in five flavors: vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, peach and mixed berry. Each flavor contains only 3 carbs. It’s so good! I find it at Target, Walmart, Harris Teeter or Kroger.

Low carb yogurt bowl with a mixed berry Two Good yogurt, berries and keto granola from High Key Snacks. The granola is available on Amazon.

Miscellaneous Ideas:

Low carb pecan waffles. You can find that recipe here.

I always top my waffles with the sugar free maple syrup from ChocZero. It’s the absolute best syrup out there in my opinion. I also love their maple pecan one too! You can visit their website to see their full selection of products and if you decide to order, can use my affiliate code getfitlaura to save 10% off your entire order.

Last but not least, low carb breakfast burritos are a tasty option as well. I use Cutdacarb flatbread, stuff it with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese, then pan fry in a little butter until it’s nice and crispy. Any low carb tortilla will work. I also like using the flatbreads to make low carb breakfast pizzas and even breakfast quesadillas.

Not pictured:


Scramble Bowls

Low Carb Smoothie (I like this recipe from Keto Connect)

Low Carb Pancakes

Breakfast “Snack” Plate: I’ll usually have an egg muffin with nuts, cheese and berries.

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