Grocery Hauls

  • Low Carb Walmart Grocery Haul

    August 13, 2018Laura

    This weeks grocery haul is from Walmart. It’s very basic, but includes some of my favorite keto friendly products that I can only get from there. I included details about those products as well as this weeks cost and my meals planned. Have a great week! Products I purchased this week include: Avocados, green peppers,…

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  • Harris Teeter, GNC & Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul

    August 5, 2018Laura

    This weeks grocery haul is from Harris Teeter (Kroger) and GNC. I am already stocked up on eggs as well as cheeses and didn’t have to buy a lot of meat, since I have a nice stockpile in the freezer. I did purchase a couple of new items and will definitely highlight those below along…

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  • Harris Teeter & Lidl Grocery Haul

    July 22, 2018Laura

    This week’s grocery haul is pretty basic, but I wanted to share it since I went to a new grocery store, Lidl. When I moved to North Carolina a couple of months ago, several people recommended going to Lidl. I had actually forgotten about it until my sister-in-law mentioned it the other day. I found…

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  • Aldi, Target & GNC Haul

    July 8, 2018Laura

    This week I couldn’t get everything I needed at one store, so ended up going to three different ones. I got most of my items from Aldi and stopped by Target to get the last few things on my list. I went to GNC specifically for the Quest tortilla chips. I’ll include details of my…

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  • Harris Teeter & Trader Joe’s Haul

    June 30, 2018Laura

    This week’s grocery haul is very basic, but I wanted to share it because it does include some of my favorite staple items. Everything picture is from Harris Teeter (owned by Kroger) with the exception of the Quest bars. Those are from Target. The Quest Bars are from Target. They contain 4 net carbs and…

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  • Aldi & Harris Teeter Grocery Haul

    June 24, 2018Laura

    This week I went to one of my favorite stores, Aldi, for my groceries. They didn’t have quite everything I needed, so I stopped by Harris Teeter to grab the few remaining items on my list. I also included a couple of items I picked up from Costco and World Market as well. You never…

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  • Walmart, Kroger & Costco Haul

    June 13, 2018Laura

    Here is a three in one grocery haul post from three of my staple stores: Walmart, Kroger & Costco. There are some items included in these which are new to me that I was excited to find and try! Walmart: Let’s start with Walmart. It was my favorite haul of the three. I am impressed…

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