• Easy Keto Cheesy Bread

    January 27, 2021Laura

    If you follow me on Instagram, then you know a lot has changed since the last time I wrote a blog post—I had a baby! She was born on November 12th, 2020 at 1:17 am. We named her Ivy Pearl (Pearl was my grandmother’s name). She is almost 3 months old now and is such…

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  • Low Carb Cranberry Sauce

    November 2, 2020Laura

    Recipe originally posted on 11/23/19. Photos updated on 11/2/20. Recipe is unchanged. My Thanksgiving meal wouldn’t be complete without cranberry sauce. It’s one of my favorite holiday sides! I had several people message me asking if I had a keto cranberry sauce recipe, so I thought I would share one here on the blog. If…

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  • Keto Air Fryer Green Beans

    August 26, 2020Laura

    I just moved into a new place last week and decided it was time for a new air fryer. I had an older one, but the basket was on the small side and didn’t hold much. I’ve made a couple of things in this air fryer and am loving it so far! I will link…

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  • Keto Antipasto Salad

    June 27, 2020Laura

    I have been craving this Keto Antipasto Salad for a while and am so happy I finally found time to get it up on the blog. It’s so perfect for summer! I love having it for lunches and it makes a great side as well. This antipasto salad is perfect on its own or served…

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  • Simple Keto Roasted Broccoli

    March 22, 2020Laura

    Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well! I was going to take a break from blogging until everything that is going on in the world calms down, but decided to do something different. I’m not going to create any new recipes until after things get back to normal. Instead, I will share some super easy ones…

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  • Easy Keto Ranch Dressing

    February 29, 2020Laura

    Last week, my husband requested that I make my own homemade ranch dressing recipe. I knew that the base for ranch was sour cream and mayo, so I played around with the herbs and spices until I got the perfect balance. It turned out so good and was super simple to make! I prefer making…

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  • Keto Cheesy Cauliflower Rice

    December 9, 2019Laura

    Happy December everyone! December and January are going to be extra busy months for me, so I wasn’t sure if I would even get to share a blog recipe this month. However, I made this cheesy cauliflower rice the other day and knew that I wanted to get it on the blog after tasting it.…

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  • Keto Cornbread Dressing

    November 19, 2019Laura

    I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving! Sadly, I won’t be able to make it back home to Kentucky this year, so I will be cooking for my husband and I at home. Last year, I prepared most of the food at my parent’s house and kept my portion of the meal keto. I plan…

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  • Keto Skillet Cornbread

    November 7, 2019Laura

    I’m from the south, so I grew up eating cornbread on a regular basis. My mom makes the best traditional cornbread that I’ve ever had. Realistically, I knew I couldn’t make a keto version of hers, but wanted to play around with ingredients to see what I could come up with. Since I couldn’t use…

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  • Homemade Keto Taco Seasoning

    July 12, 2019Laura

    I always keep a batch of this homemade taco seasoning on hand in my pantry. I use it to make taco meat or in any recipe that requires taco seasoning. I make a lot of Mexican inspired dishes, so I use this seasoning on a weekly basis. I did have this seasoning recipe as a…

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