• Low Carb Walmart Grocery Haul

    April 14, 2019Laura

    Another week, another grocery haul. I made my shopping list and realized I needed a few items that I can only find at Walmart, so that’s where I went this week. You may notice there’s no meat in this picture, I’ll explain why below. I’ll also include a few product details as well as my…

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  • Keto Cheesy Bacon BBQ Chicken

    April 10, 2019Laura

    I mentioned a few post back that chicken is my favorite food! I’m always trying to think of ways to create a new chicken recipe. This BBQ chicken turned out delicious and doesn’t get any easier. You just need four basic ingredients plus the seasoning mixture. I’ve really enjoyed making my own spice mixtures lately.…

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  • Keto Blackened Chicken Tenders & Spicy Ranch Sauce

    April 3, 2019Laura

    Have you ever tried the blackened chicken tenders from Popeyes? I used to get them often when I lived in California. They are low carb and super tasty, but I’m not sure how clean the ingredients are. I no longer live close to a Popeyes and decided I wanted to make my own version of…

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  • Harris Teeter Grocery Haul & Dinner Menu

    March 31, 2019Laura

    I love going to the grocery store, but for some reason this week, I just wasn’t feeling it. I live next door to a Harris Teeter (Kroger) and decided to go there for convenience. Luckily, I was able to get everything that I needed from there and didn’t need to go to any additional stores.…

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  • Easy Keto Meatloaf

    March 26, 2019Laura

    Meatloaf is one of my favorite foods! I was born and raised in Kentucky and have so many memories of watching my grandma make meatloaf. I loved watching her in the kitchen and everything she cooked was so delicious! She passed away last month and I thought a lot about her as I was making…

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  • Low Carb Pecan Waffles

    March 19, 2019Laura

    I share a lot of dinner recipes, but have very few breakfast ones here on the blog. I’ve been working on this waffle recipe for a while now. I’ve made them so many times that I’ve lost count. I finally perfected the recipe and am so happy with how they turned out! The taste and…

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  • Keto Parmesan Chicken Nuggets

    March 13, 2019Laura

    Keto chicken nuggets! I’ve made these a few times since starting keto and love them! I’ve never measured anything in the past and have just eyeballed the ingredients. I wanted to share them with you all and took notes on how I made them the other night. They’re actually super easy to make and you…

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